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Massage is a rich spectrum of therapies that allows for deep healing at both the mental and physical levels. As your massage therapist, my first goal is to create space within your body, physically and energetically, to allow healing to take place. In a safe and compassionate environment your body relaxes into its natural state of balance, supporting your innate ability to heal yourself, both on and off the massage table.

I believe our bodies give us valuable information about the state of our physical and emotional well-being. Movement, stretching and the release of muscle tension break up stagnant energy held in your body, and in your life.  My holistic approach to massage therapy has helped clients achieve mind/body balance.

I rely on intuition as much as on specific therapeutic techniques to address your body’s unique needs, treating it as part of the overall picture of healing. More thorough healing can be achieved through a gentle and profound approach. In assessing your needs, I reference a wide range of modalities and techniques including Swedish massage, gentle infrared heat, deep compression, thai yoga massage, shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage, and energy work.

I use only the highest quality products in my work, abiding by the saying, “If you can’t eat it you shouldn’t put on your skin.” My base oils are organic sesame or coconut, used in conjunction with herbs, and therapeutic grade essential oils.