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Hi, my name is Christine Seymour and I’ve been practicing healing massage in Beacon since 2003

I decided to become a massage therapist when I needed healing in my own life. I awoke one morning with extreme pain in one of my arms. I had just recently met this women at an art fair, and luckily had her card handy. She lived nearby and offered Shiatsu massage. I was a little skeptical at the time, but I took a chance and called her. The treatment was gentle and at the time I didn’t think would be effective, but my arm was 100% better. I thought: wow that’s amazing!

From then on it was always in the back of my mind how powerful healing touch can be. While I had been told by many people that I had the energy and skills of a healer, it took me ten years and that transformative massage experience to realize that healing with massage was my calling.

Now, I truly love my work. I love working with my hands, and the connection and energy that massage creates and knowing I helped someone feel better and live a healthier life.


My husband, Rick Price, and I are both artists active in Beacon’s lively artistic community. Rick is a portrait painter, muralist and art teacher.  I am a mixed media artist who loves printmaking, photography, and pretty much making anything creative.

In addition to being certified foster parents since 2011, we have been proud parents of an amazing little boy from Ethiopia since 2012. He keeps us active and full of life. We have a bunch of chickens running around our backyard, a dog, two cats, one bunny and a huge garden. We love living in the Hudson Valley and supporting our local farms.


My study of massage has taken me from Healing Hands Institute in New Jersey. to Lotus Palm Centre in Montreal, where I learned directly from Kam Thye Chow, a master of Thai Yoga Massage. Ive studied Cranial Sacral Therapy with Dr Ron Wish, and continue to explore the beautiful healing CST brings to each healing session.


I intuitively combine  Swedish and deep tissue, Thai, and CST techniques in every session. I use the very healing power of Infrared heat. and therapeutic grade essential oils in every massage. I have also studied and practice Thai Yoga massage, Shiatsu, prenatal, hot stone and abiyanga massage. I have begun studying Ayurvedic massage with Hilary Garivaltis, Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda.


“If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your body.” Anything you put onto your skin directly gets absorbed into your body. Using the highest quality products ensures getting a full holistic treatment.I use pure sesame or coconut oils as a base, and then sometimes, depending on the clients needs, add Ayurveda oils which are fused with many different healing herbs in which helps support the bodies system. I also use therapeutic grade essential oils in accordance with the clients needs.


I’d be happy to talk with you about which techniques would best support your healing needs, please give me a call at (914)760-2725

I look forward to working with you.